XInclude; Committing to Mindfulness

Had a bit of trouble today with validating my XInclude-d files, using the extended script. (Also, I never got the ptx-check hack working..) Schema does not like the <credit> and <image> tags inside the colophon. Just chose to ignore this.

I also know now to copy and paste the folder containing my non-$\LaTeX$-generated figures into the HTML folder, so they appear. Yay!

In the next couple of weeks I plan to write here more regularly, and with a bit more structure so it doesn’t seem like I’m just rambling all the time. What I’d like to get more used to is talking about my pedagogy and the reasons behind my pedagogical decisions. When I was a new instructor most of what I did in and out of the classroom were learned behaviours from when I was a student and a student-teacher. These past few years I’ve become more mindful of the choices I make, asking myself why am I doing this? when I assign a problem set, or pick a question for the final exam. And moving forward, specifically for Fall courses, I’m committing to writing about the reasons behind my course design choices on this blog.

Coincidentally enough the Timetable is out today when I post this entry! screams internally 😱

TJ Yusun
TJ Yusun
Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream
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