One Month To Go

Ok, cool. I’ve created ten videos so far for MAT202 and MAT136 combined. Nowhere where I wanted to be at this point but it’ll do. I like my current setup now of using Drawboard for PDF annotation and OBS for screen-capture. (Turns out I didn’t need SnagIt after all.) But I still feel very awkward recording videos, and I’m sure anyone who watches them will get the same feeling. It’s just not the same as teaching in a classroom in front of people. Just hoping I get better at this at some point in the Fall.

The MAT202 notes are pretty much done, except for the mathematical communication modules (LaTeX, reading and writing mathematics). Oh and I also wanted to include some solutions to exercises but these will also have to be added as the Fall term rolls along. I started converting and rewriting these notes back in June and I’m just happy to get it to this state.

One month to go before classes start, oh and did I mention I’ll be moving in two weeks? Yeah… awesome timing, me!

TJ Yusun
TJ Yusun
Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream
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