First Video Up, WDI

After weeks of putting it off, I recorded my first mini-video yesterday, for MAT202. I spent an hour just setting up and making production decisions. Snagit or OBS? Will my video have a talking head or not?

July is Here

July 1 this year marked my official start as Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream at UTM. I took a few days off last week to celebrate and wind down, though Pocholo and I just stayed home for the most part.

More on PreTeXt

A few more notes here before I forget (I’ve been forgetting to do a lot of things nowadays…). I spent hours figuring out why my svg files were not cropping properly via the pdfcrop utility.

First Post: PreTeXt Plans

Currently in the middle of populating this site with more content, and converting my MAT202 course notes from $\LaTeX$ to PreTeXt. I find XML to be clunky, so far but the PDF format is quite rigid and not the best in terms of accessibility, and I really like PreTeXt for this.